Brief introduction

Raise your productivity with a range of user services and see how ITTOS help you manage your travel businness in such an easy way. Forget Those high season frantic when you start worrying how to handle your precious customers with such a limited staff.

With ITTOS, you take control on your internal information flow at the back office as well as all front and mid transactions. The realtime online transactions give you accurate and punctual management and financial informations. You can always see how your business perform on daily basis and adjust your selling strategy accordingly.

With over 10 years of experience, ITTOS is the market leader in this area. It holds enormous features and parameters that makes it applicable and suitable for different sizes and locations of travel agents. Hundreds of reports are created to accomodate many travel agents requirements, including reports of customer activities and sale performance analysis.


A lots of benefits that you can get from using our ITTOS (Intergrated Tour & Travel Online System) :

  • Multi Currency
  • Centralized Database
  • Direct Data Retrieval from GALILEO
  • BSP Billing and Settlement
  • Complete Tour Planning and Estimation
  • Wide range of management reports
  • Used by many big and small travel agents
  • Supported by Local and Professional Team to provide fast and accurate solutions



This module contains facilities to producre invoice, letter of guarantee, stock ticket, down payment, customer data, daily ticket sales report, and direct data retrieval from Galileo Reservation System.


This module is used for maintaining customers travel documents arrangement (eg. passport, visa, etc). The system will monitor receipts of documents, customers down payments, etc.


This module is used to make hotel reservations, down payments, invoices, and hotel sales reports. Hotel data-base is maintained for easy references.


This module is used to create Cruise Reservation that contains description of the departure date, cabin type and other price calculations based on different requirements.


Maintain tour products which include airline tickets, hotel reservations, documents, and others. It helps organizing Group / Package / Incentive tours, record customer reservation, produce invoice, and automatically post all related transaction to GL, AR & AP.


This module is used to make invoices other than ticket, document, hotel and tour, for example consortium, Insurance, etc.


This module is used for managing payments (multi currencies) from other modules, either for down payments (cash or credit card), payments for receivable and payable, daily operation expenses, etc.


This module deals with all back office (GL/AR/AP) including Chart of Accounts (COA) maintenance, issuing Payment and Receive Voucher, Monthly balances, and printing many reports for accounting purposes (ledger, AP/AR Summary, Journal, Aging, Cheque/BG, Customer Balance, Supplier Balance, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, etc).

Security and Authorization

To enchance security, each user is categorized into different groups which have different set of menus and authorities. Each transaction will be logged with its UserID so management can track down who made the data entry or authorized certain transactions such as cancellation, reprin invoice, speial discount rate, etc.

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