Travelite Office Plus

Brief introduction

In today's competitive travel industry, a professional tour agency needs to have a powerful and reliable application to support their businesses. Management needs to see information and access data of their company at any possible time. Sales and Marketing needs to see their customer bookings and performances easily to retain customer satisfactions. Finance needs a simple and easy way to check on pending receivables and payables on time.

To accomplish all these, you need a simple method for tracking the entire lifecycle of your business which can be accessed from anywhere with no time limitations.

Introducing Travelite Office Plus...
The next generation suite of online web-based applications specifically tailored for tour & travel business. It was built in 2014 and it is designed by our special team which have had more then 10 years of experiences in travel industry. We focus on simplicity and easy-to-use system which will increase your business

Travelite helps managing information, books daily transactions to provide a real profit / loss statements and financial reports. The system offers all modules includes front, mid and back office activities.


There are some benefits that you can get from our travelite :

  • Online Marketing

    Make various online services accessible to you through an integrated service delivery platform. High transparency and reliability at affordable costs to meet your basic needs.

  • Multi Platform

    We introduce cross-platforms that can be used with regards to all types of operating systems, application programs and file types.

  • Low Costs

    Providing you with database hosting facility that reduce server investment costs whilst resulting an effective company efficiencies.

  • Simple

    Designed and built by experts in tour & travel industry to provide the easiest and simplest way in handling bookings and finances.

  • Flexible

    A flexible design will reduce development costs and allow quicker response to customers with increased performance.

  • User Friendly

    Aims to understand users normal behaviour and interactions between their daily transactions and translates it into the application flow.

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