Travelport Office Plus ™

Brief introduction

A Tour and Travel application that has a highly intergrated modules to handle all transactions from front, mid to back office. It is designed to be user friendly that everyone can operate it easily.

Build and designed by professionals and experts in tour & travel industry, TOP offer a highly integrated system and realtime data capture between Galileo GDS and mid back office.

Manage your booking well, check your receivables and payables anytime, print reports and financial statements without any hassles.

Security features such as customer credit limit and user authorizations are well maintained. You can track booking activities in the history and check all authorizations logged in by system.


There are few features that we provide in TOP :

  • Reservations
  • Calendar and ToDo list
  • Credit Limit monitoring
  • Customer Passsenger relations
  • Multiple products
  • Multiple currencies
  • Financial controls
  • Team/staff monitoring
  • Output to printer/email/pdf file
  • BSP reconciliation
  • Customized report


Booking File

The concept of one-stop booking file allows you to make reservations, create and print invoices, exchange order an settle payments. You will be able to monitor client booking balance and profit, which will make user to be more responsible in managing their booking file.


Create Ticket segment in the booking file using this module. It can be done by downloading segments from Galileo GDS or creating it manually. Ticket itineraries will kept in details such as route, destination, airports, departure/arrival time, mileage, airport tax, nett and selling price, commissions, etc.


Manage your hotel booking by selecting hotel name, city, check in/out dates, room types and supplier. Hotel nett and selling price will also be handled here to provide invoice and payables in the back office.


A very powerful tool to record your tour activities, register passengers and monitor tour profit. You can check tour seats within company's branches, write tour itineraries, calculate tour quotations, create group or package tour, print passenger or passport list. Manage your passengers' birthday, preferred seats, and send reminders or notices through email, etc.


This module is used by Finance user to enter settlements such as receivables or payables. Multicurrency payments are allowed here with multiple type of payment method (cash/credit/checques, etc).


This module deals with all back office operations (GL/AR/AP) including Chart of Accounts (COA) maintenance, issuing Payment and Receive Advice, match BSP/IATA balances, produce Monthly balances, and printing many other reports for accounting purposes (ledger, AP/AR Summary, Journal, Aging, Cheque, Customer Balance, Supplier Balance, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Income Statement).


Sales and Performance reports can be found in this module as well as Controlling Reports to match transactions with system journal.


Add any other segment(s) here manually. Other can be Car, Car transfer, Visa, Insurance, Transport, etc. It is designed to be flexible to record all types of sales

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